Our Story

A Cupcake Walks Into a Bar…

Tiffany Rose Goodyear conceptualized Yours Truly Cupcake during an amateur baking contest in Washington, DC. After moving to Denver to attend graduate school, the company grew unhurriedly and under the radar while Tiffany tested out new products, innovative packaging ideas and began to cultivate relationships with cupcake lovers and build partnerships with other local businesses.

Capitalizing on the initial idea that cupcakes aren’t just for kids, Yours Truly Cupcake honed in on the sophisticated tastes of its adult audience and began infusing cupcakes with liquor to replicate popular cocktails. The Cupcake Cutie concept was developed and tested. Modeled after a 1950’s cigarette girl, each Cupcake Cutie is dressed in stylish vintage attire and carries a shoulder-strapped tray filled with a mixture of inciting desserts. Up-cycled cigar boxes were incorporated into the presentation and delivery of these treats. Yours Truly Cupcake stopped just selling cupcakes and now sells an experience that tantalizes the senses and entertains the customer.