Infused Cupcakes

Mini: $2.00
Standard: $4.00

Godiva Chocolate

Rich Chocolate Cake
Godiva Ganache Buttercream
Infused with Chocolate Liqueur


White Cake
Fiery Cinnamon Frosting
Topped with Red Hot
Infused with Fireball Whiskey

Bailey’s & Cream

Creamy Vanilla Cake
Irish ButterCream
Infused with Bailey’s Liqueur

Irish Car Bomb

Guinness Chocolate Cake
Dipped in Whiskey GanacheBailey’s Irish Buttercream
Infused with Guinness, Whiskey & Bailey’s

Blue Moon

White CakeBlue Moon Frosting
Topped with Orange Slice
Infused with Blue Moon


Fresh Squeezed Lime Cake

Margarita Frosting

Salted Candy Lime

Infused with Triple-Sec & Tequila

Champagne Strawberry

Champagne CakeStrawberry Frosting
Infused with Champagne

Moscow Mule

Lime CakeGinger Vodka Frosting
Topped with Lime & Ginger Candies
Infused with Mile High Spirits Ginger Vodka


Rich Chocolate Cake
Guinness Buttercream
Infused with Guinness Stout


Lime Cake
Citrus & Cherry Frosting
Topped with Lemon Wedge
Infused with Citrus Vodka & Grenadine