Infused Cupcakes

Mini: $2.00
Standard: $4.00

Moscow Mule

Lime CakeGinger Vodka Frosting
Topped with Lime & Ginger Candies
Infused with Mile High Spirits Ginger Vodka


Rich Chocolate Cake
Guinness Buttercream
Infused with Guinness Stout


Lime Cake
Citrus & Cherry Frosting
Topped with Lemon Wedge
Infused with Citrus Vodka & Grenadine

Pabst Blue Ribbon

Frothy White Cake
PBR Buttercream
Infused with Pabst Blue Ribbon

Godiva Chocolate

Rich Chocolate Cake
Godiva Ganache Buttercream
Infused with Chocolate Liqueur


White Cake
Fiery Cinnamon Frosting
Topped with Red Hot
Infused with Fireball Whiskey

Bailey’s & Cream

Creamy Vanilla Cake
Irish ButterCream
Infused with Bailey’s Liqueur

Irish Car Bomb

Guinness Chocolate Cake
Dipped in Whiskey GanacheBailey’s Irish Buttercream
Infused with Guinness, Whiskey & Bailey’s

Blue Moon

White CakeBlue Moon Frosting
Topped with Orange Slice
Infused with Blue Moon


Fresh Squeezed Lime Cake

Margarita Frosting

Salted Candy Lime

Infused with Triple-Sec & Tequila